Lollipop Seeds Easter Tradition


We have all heard of Elf on the Shelf for Christmas, now there is an adorable family tradition for Easter called Lollipop Seeds. I was sent a copy of The Lollipop Seeds that Sprout for Kind Deeds to review with my family. I absolutely love this new Easter tradition.

This is a great tradition that teaches children the importance of doing something nice for others. The tradition is every time your child does something nice, whether it be sharing their toys or helping their parents around the house, they get to plant a seed in the lollipop garden. I have been writing down when my own kids do something nice and then about a week before Easter they will go out and plant the seeds that they have earned. I also told my kids that each time they do something that is not nice or fight with each other they get a seed taken off of them.


It has been working, I have four boys and they are determined to have more lollipops grow than their brothers so if they get one taken off of them they work extra hard to earn another one. They are very excited to plant their seeds the week of Easter. They know that when the Easter Bunny comes he will sprinkle some magic on the seeds and when the kids wake up Easter morning their lollipop garden will be in full bloom and they will be able to go out and pick their lollipops.

This is the legend of the lollipop seeds. Check out the website for more information and to order your own copy. If you order before April 15 2014 you will have your book before Easter. Also like their Facebook Page.

Acording to legend, the tradition of Lollipop Seeds goes back hundreds of years. But, it was only recently re-discovered by the Easter Bunny when he asked his Grandma about the meaning behind other Easter traditions like eggs and candy.

Once the Easter Bunny learned of the Lollipop Seeds tradition, he couldn’t wait to hop on it and start delivering them to kids everywhere.

The magic of the seeds lies in the heart of the child who plants them. They sprout into lollipops on Easter morning, not by water or sun, but by kindness instead.



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